Dr. Je-Wen Liou Laboratory

Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine,

Tzu Chi University (TCU)





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Welcome to Dr. Je-Wen Liou’s Webpage. Dr. Je-Wen Liou is currently sitting as an Associate Professor in the Biochemistry Department of the Medical School at Tzu Chi University (TCU) located in Hualien City of Taiwan. Liou’s work is focused on the applications of nanotechnology tools and nano-materials for biomedical purposes, as well as the developments of novel peptide drugs for the treatments of bacterial infections and cancers. For details regarding to Dr. Liou’s research and publications, please press the link above.





Postal Address: Rm. D425, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Tzu-Chi University,

No.701, Sec.3, Chung-Yang Rd., Hualien 970, Taiwan


Tel:  +886-3-8565301 ext. 2428 (Office), ext. 2429(Lab).

Fax:  +886-3-8580641

E-mail: jwliou@mail.tcu.edu.tw